Climate Change

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Gordon Feinblatt’s Climate Change Team is the go-to resource for the most up to date guidance on climate change laws in Maryland.

Our team comprises lobbyists and lawyers who understand and can anticipate the implications of Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022. This new Act is arguably the most ambitious climate change law adopted by any state in the country and calls for significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions which by 2045 would have Maryland reach a net-zero emission.

  • The impact of this legislation is wide but has significant implications for developers of real estate, those with existing commercial property, residential development – existing and new construction, industrial sites and facilities with robust power needs. It will change new building requirement laws in Maryland for the foreseeable future and will make Maryland one of the first carbon-neutral states in the nation.

Our lawyers have been involved in drafting legislation and lobbying nearly all changes to Maryland’s energy and now climate laws since 1983. Because we are a Maryland based firm, we are well-suited to understand the unique ecosystem and environment that the Chesapeake Bay provides. We are on the forefront of understanding several Maryland based climate change program areas including renewable energy siting and permitting, GHG emissions analysis, environmental issues and litigation on these topics.

Our lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable and trained in environmental, energy, government advocacy, litigation, land use, and water rate setting.

Our attorneys are up to date and regularly speaking on issues on these issues. Below are just a few of the many speaking engagements our team has presented on: