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What Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies Should Include

Businesses that use a website, especially those that advertise products or services, should ensure that the website includes appropriate Terms of Use concerning user interaction with the website.  Terms of Use should describe how the site can be used, state that the business owns all of the content and that users cannot download, use, or distribute the website content, and include information concerning third party links accessible on the website.  The Terms of Use should also include: disclaimers/limits concerning the liability of the business concerning a user’s use of and interaction with the website; information concerning the use by the business of cookies/web beacons; and notice/contact information for the business.  If a business collects information from users through the website, the website should also include a privacy policy that describes what can be collected and how it may be used by the business.  Special disclosures are required for financial institutions and those that are designed to interact with children under the age of 13.  For sites that allow users to post content, include a DMCA notice and file with the US Copyright office.  See this link.