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Register Trademark Words Apart from a Logo

Registering a trademark in its word form is usually preferred to registering the entire logo although, if finances allow, registering both is the safest course. A trademark owner can register with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark in its written form, apart from any specific logo, and can also register for a logo, which incorporates the words. Registration for just the words is generally more useful, as it provides broader protection for the word used in any font or format. Also, in case a logo ever changes, the words will remain in use, possibly as part of a revised logo, and the registration for the word mark can be maintained. If a logo changes, as they often do over time, a registration for the old logo will eventually not be supported by use and will, thus, be canceled. Registering the logo will protect the combination of the image and the working together. Ideally, a trademark owner should register the word mark alone, and the logo as a separate mark, for better protection of each.


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