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Ownership of Videos Taken with Remote Cameras

Because cameras and other video recording devices are everywhere, you should give more thought to who owns the copyright in what is captured by those devices.  Generally, the “photographer” is the author of the work captured.  Consider, though, that there could be more than one author of a recording.  When a camera is placed remotely, and the image is transmitted electronically to a different location -- whether it is a security monitoring video, a Skype interview or a recording of a conference -- the person who places the camera should be considered an author.  The person recording the scene remotely may believe she owns all rights to the recording, but the person on-site who placed or adjusted the actual camera – even if that person is the subject of the video – also has an ownership interest.  In the digital age, the copyright author may not always be obvious.  To be certain of who owns full rights in the creation, all parties involved should have a written agreement assigning those rights to the intended owner.