New Climate Rules and Building Requirements


This video will review the Climate Solutions Now Act and the ways it will impact building owners. New residential buildings with parking must have EV-ready spaces with sufficient electrical capacity to support EV charging. Multifamily buildings will likely be required to make a large percentage of spaces EV-ready. Maryland law is phasing out gasoline cars, requiring increasing percentages of new car sales to be electric until 2035 when all new cars must be electric. This will drive demand for EV charging. New building codes will require electric heating and hot water instead of fossil fuels like natural gas. Existing large buildings will face fees if they don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20% per year. Regulations may go beyond the law, requiring maximum energy efficiency even for all-electric buildings or face penalties up to $10,000 per day. Buildings produce 14% of Maryland's greenhouse gases, so significant building changes are needed to meet the state's ambitious climate goals, which are the most aggressive in the U.S. There's going to be a lot of changes to look out for as a building owner, and we can help you navigate them.