Electric Trucks


Maryland has adopted the clean trucks rule which requires a transition of medium and heavy-duty vehicles to zero emission vehicles, starting in 2027. The rule covers vehicles over 10,000 lbs. (medium duty) and 14,000 lbs. (heavy duty). It does not cover pickup trucks or light duty vehicles. The regulation requires 30-50% of applicable vehicles sold to be zero emission by 2035. Gas and diesel vehicles can still be sold after that date. Only six states have adopted the clean trucks rule so far. Vehicles can still be purchased out of state and brought into Maryland. The state has set up a $10 million fund to provide grants covering up to 75% of the cost difference between zero emission and gas vehicles, with priority for disadvantaged communities. This is going to be difficult because obviously you need infrastructure for very long-distance travel. It'll be easier for something like a delivery service that may have a central location where all the cars, all the trucks gather at the end of the day. But for long distance trucking, this is going to be a tough transition.