D’Metrius Rice

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D’Metrius is a painter who uses an automatic drawing process, “which varies simple geometric forms into some kind of deformity.” Sometimes, he uses pictorial elements and images, “which are constantly decomposing and reorganizing through a limited lens of mostly flat paint swatches.” D’Metrius explores various themes in his artwork, including faded memories, urban decay, pop culture advertisements, psychedelia and loneliness.

He has been exhibited in Australia; San Francisco, CA; Baltimore, MD; and Washington, DC. In addition, he has created murals in shared spaces in the Baltimore area.

D’Metrius earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA; however, he taught himself the techniques he uses in his paintings.

I like its chaos. It’s not about Baltimore exactly. It’s about the people individually. I like that there is no unifying style or theme and artists are bold and courageous.

Works in the firm’s permanent collection:

The titles are below the image of each piece.

City Trans, 2020, Acrylic and Latex on Paper Board

Bruce Gannon (Don’t Bring Me Down), 2020, Acrylic and Latex on Paper Board

Visage Err, Masterguard, 2020, Acrylic and Latex on Paper Board