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Gordon Feinblatt’s Energy and Environmental Team takes an interdisciplinary approach, with the goal of preventing or containing multi-faceted and expensive problems.

We draw upon the experience and resources of our Energy and Environmental lawyers to navigate the often complex planning issues and approval processes surrounding power development, environmental response and urban redevelopment in Maryland and beyond.

Are you considering siting and permitting a large solar facility in Maryland?

Core Services


  • Wetlands Issues
  • Brownfields
  • Preventing and Defusing Regulatory Conflicts
  • Environmental Reviews


  • Provide highly regarded counsel with the PSC
  • Regularly participate in gas and electric rate cases
  • Electric Restructuring Proceedings
  • Electric competition issues including stranded costs, supplier of last resort and demand-side management
power lines and solar energy panels

Power Development

Our Team provides advice, legal counsel concerning all aspects of developing/redeveloping power sources in Maryland.

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Environmental Response

Our Environmental Response Team advises property owners, developers, builders and corporations grappling with existing and potential environmental challenges that may demand corrective action and that often require creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Urban planning

Urban Redevelopment

Our Team provides advice to developers and builders of urban projects regarding purchase, sales, planning, environmental and execution strategies.

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We are considering purchasing a business property and will need to undergo a property review for environmental due diligence standards. What should we consider?

  1. Your property interest (usually fee simple versus lease) affects potential liability for contamination:  An outright purchase of the property carries greater risk, but some long-term leases can have the same effect where courts will treat you as if you’re an owner.
  2. Type of contamination matters: ie. Oil (not limited to gas stations)  is subject to a different scheme and requires different protections.
  3. Natural Resources: Be aware of wetlands, rare and endangered species, stormwater, forestry and other  natural resources that require particular protection.

For more information or to discuss these issues further, please contact Todd Chason, Maggie Witherup, Michael Powell or David Beugelmans.

The information contained herein is not intended to provide legal advice or opinion and should not be acted upon without consulting an attorney.

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